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Product of the month for April 2021

Loofah Soaps

5 different soaps to choose from, each made with a slice of homegrown, unbleached loofah

Are you looking for a quick and natural way to exfoliate your skin? Try out one of my brand new loofah soaps. There are 5 varieties to choose from, each with their own scents, colours, and ingredients.  Every one of these cute soaps has a slice of homegrown, unbleached loofah on one side, which acts like a gently exfoliating sponge. What is loofah? Well loofah is a vegetable, similar to cucumbers, but with a tough, fibrous interior. When this part of the loofah is dried it becomes quite tough, but as soon as you add water it softens to a pleasant, lightly exfoliating sponge, making it perfect to use all over the body during shower/bath time! With 5 varieties of loofah soaps to choose from you'll find something for everyone. If you're in a tropical mood try the Moonlight Island Rose, which is made with Coconut Oil, Key Lime essential Oil, and a refreshing Peppermint twist! Feeling bold? Try the Red Dragon Rose, with it's deep red Australian clay and intoxicating blend of rich and vibrant essential oils. For something a little sweet and a little earthy try the Fairy Magic, with ground ginger and a fun essential oil blend of Patchouli, Ylang-ylang, and Tangerine. Or are you a lavender lover? Then try the Blue Belle, made with Lavender Essential Oil mixed with healing Rosemary and uplifting Lemon. And if you are super sensitive and want to go as gentle as possible try the Au Naturel, which is completely unscented.

These adorable soaps are only available for a limited time, once they are sold out they will not be restocked, so get yours soon!

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