3 pack of essential oils
February “Fight The Freeze Sale!”

Can't decided which essential oils you want? Now you can choose 3 different magical blends, at a discounted price. Perfect for diffusers, aromatherapy, household cleaning, room and linen sprays, scenting creams and lotions, spa routines, and much more!

Choose any 3 from the following....

Recovery (eucalyptus, lemon, peppermint)
Utopia (organic sweet orange, Egyptian geranium, key lime)
Sleeping Beauty (lavender, bergamot, Himalayan Cedarwood)
Infatuation (lemongrass, pink grapefruit, camphor)
Winter Cabin (dark patchouli, Himalayan Cedarwood, clove bud)

3 pack of essential oils

Oil #1
Oil #2
Oil #3

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