Birthday Cake - The 6
The Northern Goddess turns 6 years old this month (yay😄) and to celebrate I created a tribute soap to Toronto, where my business started 6 long, fun, crazy years ago. 

Birthday Cake- The 6 Soap is super cleansing, moisturizing, and really fun to use.

Made with an irresistible blend of sweet coconut and chocolate fragrance oils mixed with 3 of my favourite pure citrus essential oils (organic orange, key lime, zesty lemon). These scents remind me of Toronto perfectly, from the sweet dessert shops to the uplifting personalities of people strolling down the streets. This cake soap is made with a bottom layer of real cocoa powder, a central layer of Australian red clay with bits of charcoal soap, and a fun top layer of chunks of my popular soap “Weekend in Mexico”, which represent all the buildings in Toronto, but because of their green colour they also represent all the parks and recreational areas too. The top of the soap is sprinkled in Eco Glitter (a vegetable based and biodegradable glitter made just for soaps), which reminds me of Lake Ontario and hot summer nights in the city. 

If I hadn’t started my business 6 years ago in downtown Toronto I would not be here making all these handmade goodies. Thank you Toronto for your inspiration over the years, and also thank you to all of you for inspiring me as well. 

Celebrate 6 years of The Northern Goddess with a slice of Birthday 6 / The 6 Cake Soap

Birthday Cake - The 6