Cleopatra's Secret
Ever wonder how Cleopatra maintained her beauty? A combination of milk baths, oatmeal treatments, and various essential oils, which are put together for you in a simple bath soak called Cleopatra's Secret. Just add Cleopatra's Secret to your bath and soak in the beauty and nutrients. Your skin will feel clean, soft, and smooth. Epsom and sea salts will help ease muscles pain and tension and your mind will also get to relax with the calming effects of lavender. You'll leave the tub feeling like a truly refreshed and beautiful Egyptian Goddess!

Cleopatra's Secret

  • Place anywhere from a few spoons to half a cup of Cleopatra’s Secret into your warm bath and soak in the goodness.

    Ingredients: Epsom Salts, Sea Salt, Lavender Essential Oil, Oatmeal, Milk Powder, Dried Lavender Buds


    For External Use Only