Special New Year 2021 soap, available only for a limited time

Celebrate the New Year with Fireworks! This fun and unique soap is a perfect start to 2021, with colourful pieces of The Northern Goddess’s natural soaps, and a cleansing mix of turmeric, red Australian clay, and charcoal. Fireworks not only looks awesome, but smells amazing too, with a sweet and fruity blend of ylang-ylang and peach fragrance oils. This soap is great for hydrating and cleansing both facial skin and body, plus the rich blends of oils make this a perfect soap for the winter season. 

Start the new year with a bang! Fireworks!

Ingredients: coconut oil, Shea butter, sunflower oil, sweet almond oil, olive oil, water, sodium hydroxide, ylang-ylang and peach fragrance oil (phthalate free), charcoal, turmeric, Australian red clay, blue oxide, pieces of all soaps by The Northern Goddess (may contain milk, honey, nut oils, etc.)

For External Use Only