Funky Monkey
Fun body soap
Can't decide which soap to get? Why don't you try a little bit of everything with the new Funky Monkey. This colourful bar is made with chunks from all my other soaps, which give it that super funky look. No two pieces are alike! The intriguing aroma is made with Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil and a zesty Pineapple Fragrance Oil (100% phthalate free!). Not ony does this bar look extremely unique and creative, but it's packed with skin-loving coconut oil and Shea butter. Turmeric is added to assist in reducing inflammation and unwanted bacteria. Plus this soap makes a great gift for all ages!

Take a walk on the wild side with Funky Monkey today!

Ingredients: Coconut oil, Shea butter, Sunflower oil, Canola oil, Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Organic Sweet Orange essential oil, Pineapple fragrance oil (phthalate free), turmeric, calendula flowers, coffee grounds, chunks from all other soaps (may contain honey, nut oils, etc)

Funky Monkey


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