Mermaid Glow Clay Mask
Clay Mask perfect for oily, acne prone, and/or dull skin. Really nice for summertime to help with oiliness due to sweating and hot weather. Great for teenagers too! 

Do you have acne-prone or oily skin? Don’t sweat it, The Northern Goddess has the perfect clay mask for you. Mermaid Glow is made with Australian Olive Green Clay, which is a very strong detoxifier. Minerals in the clay help balance out oils, repair scars, and strengthen the top layer of skin. Rhassoul Clay and real Organic Seaweed Powder are added to improve elasticity, stimulate circulation, and further fight acne and aide in the detoxification process. Tea Tree Essential Oil is added to fight bacteria and also plays a big role in reducing acne, redness, and irritation. 

This clay mask comes dry, which means there are no added preservatives. What does a “dry clay mask” mean? It means it comes in powder form with no water content, which gives this product an extremely long shelf life (over 2 years!) . 

How do I use my Mermaid Glow Clay Mask? Easy! Just mix a small portion with water and apply to facial skin and neck area. This product dries very quickly (1-3 minutes), and once it’s dry just wash it off with warm water and apply your regular moisturizer or skincare routine on top. You’ll be surprised how smooth your skin will feel after you rinse the clay mask away. Quick, Simple, and Effective!

Beautify and repair your natural, smooth skin with Mermaid Glow Clay Mask

Mermaid Glow Clay Mask

  • Easy to use too, just take a small amount of clay, mix with water, apply to face,and wait 3-5 minutes until dry, then rinse with water. Easy! Do not let mask over-dry on skin. Moisturize after use.

    Ingredients: Rhassoul Clay, Australian Olive Green Clay, Organic Seaweed Powder, Tea Tree Essential Oil

    For External Use Only!