Rose Water face & body mist

Rose Water face and body mist is a must have for your daily skin regime. Made with real rose water and alcohol-free witch hazel, this spray acts like a toner, refresher, or body mist. Rose water helps to balance the oils in the facial skin, reduces puffiness and/or redness, naturally tones while displaying its anti-bacterial characteristics, helps soften the skin, and adds antioxidants and vitamins while leaving you with a fresh glow. Rose Water face & body mist can even be used as a gentle make-up remover, and it's safe around the eye area. You can even use it as a refresher on hot days (a trick is to keep it in the fridge and spritz on face and body during hot summer months). Rose Water can be used on hair too, for adding hydration to assist in preventing split ends, and in some cases can help to regenerate hair growth too. Wow! Plus Rose Water face and body mist has a beautiful rose scent that will soothe away your stress, and rose is very well known as a gentle aphrodisiac too. Rose is especially renowned for its anti-aging abilities and acne fighting powers, so it's a great product for teenagers and adults alike. The best part is it's so easy to use, just spritz directly onto face or body, no cotton pads needed! If you prefer using cotton pads just spritz onto cotton pad and gentle use on facial skin, especially for make up removal. When using this product as a facial toner underneath your moisturizer just mist onto clean skin and apply your regular skin cream or serum on top. You can massage it into skin for 30 seconds before applying your moisturizer on top. Your skin will love you forever!


This product is for External Use Only


Rose Water face & body mist comes in a 100ml shaded bottle to protect it from sun damage, and contains an atomizer top with lid for easy misting. 


Ingredients: Rose Water, Witch Hazel (alcohol free)

Rose Water face & body mist