Sunshine Girl (facial serum)

A delicate, lightweight, and healing facial serum that's perfect for summertime!


*please note this product is not a replacement for sunscreen or sunblock!


Sunshine Girl is a brand new facial serum made especially for summertime use. This serum is crafted with carefully selected oils which help to protect your skin from sun damage, add nutrients and antioxidants, heal damaged skin cells, and give your skin a fresh, natural glow. Raspberryseed Oil is the most important ingredient in this product as it boasts broad spectrum (UVA/UVB) protection, with a maximum SPF of up to 50. Carrotseed Oil is added for it's SPF of up to 40. Avocado, Olive, and Hempseed Oils, are also added with their SPF‘s of up to 8. Not only do all of these amazing oils help to protect your skin from the sun, but they also help to heal sun damaged that has already occurred.


Sunshine Girl Facial Serum works great as a daily moisturizer for all skin types, especially for mature, acne prone, or oily skin, and especially for anyone who loves to be out in the sun. This serum also works great on dry skin, and can be used underneath your regular moisturizer as a booster. Sunshine Girl Facial Serum is lightweight and easy to apply to facial skin and neck with just a few drops. It won't give you that heavy, sticky feeling like so many serums do. Sunshine Girl is not only for the summer time, you can use this product all year round to give your skin that extra support it needs. Safe to use around the eyes and even on your lips. Works well as a primer for your makeup too! (Again, this product is not a replacement for sunscreen or sunblock, please use your regular sunscreen on top of the serum when going out into the sun).


Ingredients: Unrefined Raspberry Seed Oil, Carrot Seed Oil, Avocado Oil, Olive Oil, Hempseed Oil, Vitamin E



Sunshine Girl (facial serum)