Ylang Ylang Water (face & body mist)

Ylang-Ylang Water face and body mist is a gorgeously sweet and floral toner, skin cleanser, and light body spray. This natural product is made with real ylang-ylang water and alcohol-free witch hazel. Such a nice combination for oily, acne prone, and/or mature skin types. It is so easy to use, just mist directly onto face or body, no cotton pads needed! You can use this product as a face and body refresher on hot days (the trick is to keep it in your refrigerator and sprizt all over when feeling hot to help cool you down). Ylang-ylang is also know as a gentle aphrodisiac too, so its a nice light scent to use when going out with your significant other (wink wink). When using this product as a facial toner underneath your moisturizer just mist onto clean skin and apply your regular skin cream or serum on top. You can massage it into skin for 30 seconds before applying your moisturizer on top. Your skin will love the gentle feel and glow!


This product is for External Use Only


Ylang-ylang face & body mist comes in a 100ml shaded bottle to protect it from sun damage, and contains an atomizer top with lid for easy misting.


Ingredients: Ylang-ylang floral water, witch hazel (alcohol free)

Ylang Ylang Water (face & body mist)